Developer Services & Support

The team at Lordon Management understands that a developer's success is based on its strong reputation of not only building a quality home but also having a community developed that can successfully transition to the homeowners in the future.

Our team partners with the developer to provide strong management during the planning stages through build-out transition in order to provide feedback and community association experience necessary to assist the homeowners as the developer implements its exit strategy.

Some of these services are as follows:

Advance Planning – Lordon can help provide input based on our many years of experience well in advance of your first escrow closing. This includes document review, orientation, maintenance manual review, DRE budget review, preparation of rules and architectural guidelines, and community welcome packages. We also provide input during the planning meetings as to issues that may affect the community in the future so you can implement those changes while in the pre-construction process.

Association Set-Up – Lordon's developer team will assist you in the following:
  • File for Tax ID and exemption status
  • Solicit and Secure Insurance for community
  • Co-ordination with Escrow Company
  • Preparation of Rules & Regulations
  • Preparation of Architectural Guidelines and preparing
  • database tracking service
  • Preparation of New Owner welcome package
  • Preparation of minutes as needed
  • Set up of appropriate databases and owner files
  • Review of Subsidy, Cost Sharing and other Agreements for implementation
  • Set up of master calendar for tracking important schedules/events
New Community Services - We understand the importance of communication with the new owners as many may have never lived within a community association and we want to assist in a smooth transition to the members and homeowner Board of Directors.
  • Newsletters to keep members informed of community information, items developer wants communicated and more
  • Preparation of bond releases
  • Maintain grant deed or other information as provided by developer
  • Co-ordination of annual meeting and Board orientation
  • Board member training as needed (parliamentary procedure, developer responsibilities, owner/association responsibilities, fiduciary responsibilities, etc.)
  • Transition of utilities to Association
  • Co-ordination with escrow processing by developers escrow company
  • Common Area walkthroughs and turnover from developer to community
  • Solicitation and assistance with hiring association vendors for common area maintenance
  • Creation of database for architectural, violation, work orders, calls, parking permits or other tracking needs
  • Assistance with development of Committees
  • Creation of private client section on website for forms or member information