Homeowner FAQs

Work orders are issued by the property manager and assistant and are processed on computer. One copy is sent to the vendor, one is kept for the permanent files, one is for the property manager to use for inspections, and the other is for the assistants to use for maintenance follow-through with the owners. Payment information is noted on the computerized work order listing in the monthly financial statements on the work orders that were issued.
Yes, we send out a customer service letter after each maintenance call is received to verify receipt of the call and provide confirmation of their records.
Our management assistants take all of the maintenance and community calls and record them by computer. The contractor is then notified of work required and a work order is issued by computer. A report of these calls is available each month in the management report.
Yes, our demand letter is sent certified per code. The cost for the postage is $25 and is billed to the member.
We do not believe that it is a good practice for property managers to take your minutes as they should be active in your Board Meeting giving you recommendations and suggestions. They will take a set of meeting notes for their action items. We will type up the minutes that are taken by the Board or recording secretary (we can help arrange for a "minute taker" - some of our assistants do it for Associations) and distribute them to the Board at no additional cost.
We have an insurance department that takes any claims from the unit owners and works with the insurance company in resolving them within the guidelines of the insurance policy and the Board's instructions. They will provide a status to the Board on the claim.
Yes. Each client account is set up in their own name and the funds are not commingled. Our firm carries a $500,000 blanket bond on its employees.
A demand letter is sent out per the collection policy of the association. If payment is not made we will recommend in our monthly status report for the Board to approve the processing a lien. Then if payment is still not received then we would recommend the Board to vote on turning the account over to an attorney for collection action (i.e. foreclosure, etc.). We believe that the Association needs to keep on top of delinquent accounts in order to insure collecting the optimum amount of funds to pay for the obligations of the Association.
Yes, computerized statements with a remittance slip and return envelope are sent each month to all owners of record.
Yes. Copies of statements are included in the monthly management report.
In addition to the reports available in the monthly financial package (assessment ledgers, etc.), we also provide for the management report a delinquent status report (updating all delinquent accounts with payments made since financial report were run) and a foreclosure status report which indicates a collection history for action taken by your attorney in collecting the balance due.
We write checks weekly by computer for all invoices received.
Our management reports are one of the best in the industry and includes a summary of actions during the month, calls received, correspondence sent, bids received, board decisions that need to be made, etc. Also included are copies of all backup material (correspondence, etc.). The monthly management packages have an adopted agenda included for guiding the board during the meeting.
We have a complete financial package including balance sheet, operating statement, reserve breakdown, budget analysis, check listing, general ledger and work order reports. Our owners ledgers include delinquent reports, assessment ledgers, and detail listings for changes.
We provide either a Plan I, which includes one monthly meeting, one annual budget meeting and one annual election meeting, or as an alternative, we have our Plan IIA , which includes six monthly meetings, (one every other month), one annual election meeting and one annual budget meeting.
We have actually seven assigned department head which include four experienced long-term managers who train and assist property managers, a budget director, a director of accounting, an administrative service director and our Vice President who oversees all departments and works directly with our clients in handling any special needs and concerns they may have ( i.e. helping interpret CC&R's etc.). Our staff is structured to give property managers as much support as possible to assist them in meeting your needs.
The best way to answer that is to refer you to the full service management page. Our services are described in detail there. However, please note that there are many other things that are done each day in the course of management that are so numerous that you cannot "list them." Our philosophy is to conduct ourselves in a professional operation of the community in order to meet the goals and expectation of the Association.

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