Our Philosophy

We instill this philosophy in all of our management team members at Lordon Management.

The property management industry can be extremely challenging and it is important to support the management consultants and staff in every way possible in order to provide a premier level of service for the client.

We remind our team members that our clients in many cases choose the association or condominium life-style due to the fact that it satisfies their desire to be free of the many obligations involving maintenance and upkeep connected with home ownership. These owners demand that their property be well maintained and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, they have a great concern with the financial strength of the community as well as their need to co-exist peacefully with their neighbors. This is where we step in to provide a high level of service with a sincere commitment to provide not only our concern for their interests and problems.

My personal belief is that a management company must be continually changing and evolving which is why I always invite the input from our clients and staff. It is from this input that we develop even better and more sophisticated programs to provide our community members. Simply put, "we never say never as any procedure can be changed if it is good for our overall management program or clients."

The continued betterment of our skills and knowledge is my ongoing concern and is why we have extensive training programs at Lordon even for our senior members. Our philosophy is that a management firm cannot always send you somewhere to receive adequate training in this industry, so we bring the training to our staff. The level of training that Lordon provides its employees is well known and is multi-faceted. Our sessions include procedural training in every aspect of community management, presentations by professionals in many industries including landscaping, legal, accounting, insurance, painting, roofing, construction defect, mock board, and annual meetings. In addition, we hold training on-site at projects so our managers can receive "hands-on" experience and practical application of their classroom sessions.

I can confidently state that our team is enthusiastic, dedicated, and ready to serve your management needs.

Donalea Bauer
Vice President

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